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Manna - Piercing ARTIST

My name is Manna, and I consider myself like a magpie.

I love shiny objects! Along with that I have always had a passion for piercings and body modifications, which made piercing the perfect fit.

I began piercing professionally in 2018 and could not ask for a more fulfilling career. I am constantly learning new techniques and improving  my skills to provide the best experience for my clients. I follow all APP guidelines and use internally threaded implant grade titanium and gold jewelry.

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Piercings & Jewelry Shop

We are proud to offer all titanium and gold internally threaded and threadless jewelry from Invictus and Junipurr Body Jewelry. We can custom order pieces for you to make all your jewelry dreams come true! The images below are just a few of the many many choices we have to offer.


How do I order gold or custom jewelry?

In order to order gold or custom jewelry, you will need to set up a consultation with the piercer. During the consultation we can discuss what you’d like and what will work for the piercing you wish to order for. We require a deposit up front before we place your order. This deposit is non refundable. Jewelry orders can take up to a month (or sometimes longer) to come in, we will call you when we receive it. We will hold your jewelry for 2 weeks (without a scheduled appointment) and up to the appointment day ( with a scheduled appointment for piercing or jewelry change). After that time your deposit will be forfeited and we may sell the jewelry on a first come first serve basis.

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