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Frequently asked questions

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

In the state of Colorado you must be 18 yrs old without a legal guardian present. If a minor is wanting to get tattooed, we will go down to the age of 16 with proof of legal guardianship.

What is required for proof of guardianship?

For a 16 yr old to be tattooed we need a state ID, school ID, or a passport of the child, and the signing parent must bring a matching State ID (addresses must match and last name) if the names and address do not match we will need the birth certificate for the child and it must be the original or a certified copy. The parent can also use a passport or any other federal accepted ID. please no social security cards, that is not a acceptable form of ID.

How bad does it hurt?

Pain is subjective to the person getting the work done, but most commonly it will feel like a pinch or a heavy scratch and becomes more irritating the longer you sit for the work. The best answer I ever heard was ‘it feels like a cat scratch on top of a sunburn” but it all hurts...there is no pain free tattooing, even with numbing creams.

Can I go swimming or tanning after the tattoo is done.

NO, the care of your new tattoo includes no swimming and tanning for 10-14 days. Plan your vacations accordingly. Not doing so, can result in permanent damage to the tattoo, or infection.

Will you tattoo over damaged skin( sunburned, scratched, or rashes) ?

NO we will not, if your skin is damaged by a sunburn, scratches, or rashes we must wait or reschedule your appointment when your skin is healed.

Can I use numbing cream on my skin before I come in for my tattoo appointment?

NO, please do not use any form of numbing cream or ointment before your arrival. We have some approved cream we carry at the shop, and will use it upon request only. Failure to follow this instruction can result in loss of pigment, reschedule or damage to skin.

Do you guarantee your tattoos?

We guarantee our work up to 6 weeks after the appointment, any touch-ups must be confirmed by the original artist and scheduled before the 6 week limit is up. ( we must “see” the tattoo before your 6 week limit, touch ups can be done past the 6 week limit depending on scheduling)

Will you tattoo faces, hands and necks?

This is case pending, we will usually not tattoo what is called “visible zones” on minors, or even young clients under 30. But this is case pending and must be discussed with your artist.

What kind of clothing is required for getting a tattoo?

Tattoo ink stains badly. Please do not wear any clothing around the area to be tattooed that is of any importance. We must have up to a 2 inch access around the area to be tattooed. So please come in dressed appropriately in comfortable and loose clothing.

What kind of care does a tattoo require after it is done.

We will go over the care of your tattoo in detail and there is a separate page on this website dedicated to the care of your new tattoo. If you have any concerns please bring it up with your artist at the time of the tattoo appointment.

I have to take blood thinners dose this affect getting a tattoo?

Yes, blood thinners cause bleeding in excess. Which in turn can cause damage to the pigment. Please inform your artist if your currently taking blood thinners.

I have a medical problem that might interfere with healing (type 1-2 diabetes, immune-comprised, low blood circulation, and skin issues like excema, or other skin problems)

This is done or approved on a case by case basis, please inform your artist that you have a medical condition that may effect your tattoo.

How do you price tattoo work?

Price will vary depending on artist but most commonly we will charge by size and detail, so by the piece or session pricing. NOT BY HOUR. price is determined by size, detail, color, placement, and difficulty.

What is your tattoo appointment and deposit policy?

We will take non-refundable deposits for all new clients, and appointments are recommended for large tattoo sessions and work. Our deposit policy is, all deposits are non-refundable but is applied to the price of your tattoo work. And the only way we keep the deposits and the client has to forfeit their deposit is a “no call, no show” and a total cancellation of their appointment by the client. All other reasons the client keeps their deposit with reschedules (up to 3 times) and if the artist has to reschedule appointment, all moneys will follow the client. We will allow transfer of moneys between clients in certain exceptions.

Is it ok to get a tattoo if I’m sick?

No, your immune system is working to get you better, you do not need to tax it anymore. In this case please call to reschedule your appointment. And with the current COVID restrictions this is prohibited in any case.

Can I shave before my tattoo appointment?

Please do not prep your skin before your appointment, if you cut or scratch your skin we will be forced to reschedule your appointment. You can take safe hair clippers to a very hairy area, that will help your artist prep the area to be tattooed. But that is all we suggest.

Should I tip my artist?

Our artists work on commission, so any tips are greatly appreciated, and a tip lets your artist know you are very happy with the work.

What is the best time of year to be tattooed?

Winter is usually better for limited traveling, swimming, sunburns, so this can be a case by case question. But most people who get tattooed often prefer winter for healing.

How do I prepare for getting a tattoo?

We always suggest eat a meal before coming in for your appointment, wear appropriate clothing, and drink water. Bring something to help keep your mind off the tattoo being done like a tablet, phone, headphones, game or fidget toy. Please no food or drinks, water will be provided. DO NOT drink alcohol, consume illicit drugs, and or use numbing cream before coming in. You will be rescheduled.


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Frequently asked questions

How long do piercings take to heal?

It depends on the piercing, but a wide range of heal time is 2 to 12 months.

Lips, septum, and ear lobes take about 2-3 months to heal

Nostrils, surface piercings, and more complex ear lobe piercings take about 2 to 6 months to heal.

All ear cartilage piercings, nipple, navel, and dermal anchors take a minimum of 6 months to heal.

It is not uncommon for ear cartilage, nipple, or navel piercings to take a full 12 months or longer to heal.

Will you pierce a minor with parental consent?

For any piercing of a minor, a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign a consent form and has to be physically present for the service. Proof positive, state issued photo identification is required from the legal guardian, and a bona fide form of identification from the minor. In the event the parent has a different last name and address from the child, court documentation is needed to prove the relationship, i.e., divorce papers, or a remarriage certificate.

Alchemy accepts state issued IDs, learners permits, and driver’s licenses as well as passports, tribal identification cards, and military IDs. In some instances, we
will accept a student ID for minors as long as it is accompanied by an original birth certificate.

Please call us if you have any questions about identification. We are unable to work with minors in any capacity without proper paperwork. Please come prepared, as if you do not have your IDs in order, you will not be able to receive services at our shop.

Under no circumstances is it acceptable or appropriate for a piercer to perform piercings on the nipples or genitals of an individual under 18 years of age. We will perform most other piercings on minors on a case by case basis and only with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

I’m a minor and my sibling/friend/friend’s parent is a legal adult. Can they vouch for me to get pierced?

No. Only a parent or legal guardian can give give consent for procedures on a minor.

This is my teenage child who forgot their ID, and I don’t have their birth certificate. Will you just believe that I’m their parent and pierce them?

No. Under no circumstances will we perform procedures on a minor without proper identification.

What kind of piercings can minors get?

We will pierce children’s ear lobes starting at age 5. We will not pierce anything other than earlobes until age 14. We do not offer every piercing available to 14 and 17 year olds, we will consult about it.
16 and 17 years olds are very likely to be able to get nostril piercings, septum piercings, ear lobe, lip, eyebrow and certain cartilage piercings.
Navel piercings require a consultation for everyone. Not all navels are shaped for a successful piercing.
Piercings we will not do on anybody under the age of 18 include: tongue, surface or dermal anchor piercings, and nipples.

Do you perform piercings on infants?

No, we do not. There are multiple reasons for this and if you would like more information we encourage you to set a consultation to talk with a piercer.

Why should I get piercings from a professional with a needleand not the mall?

There are a few reasons that we strongly caution against getting piercings at Claire’s or other shopping mall-based “piercing parlors.”

First of all, the equipment used at these types of places– a plastic piercing gun– uses pressure and a blunt surface to rip through the flesh, as opposed to piercing through the flesh with a sharp needle. Not only can piercing with a gun be traumatic to the piercing, it can also create inconsistent piercings in terms of placement, orientation, and quality. This type of piercing also creates an unpleasant “crack”– ouch!

Perhaps the biggest problem, though, with the piercing gun, is the fact that the plastic piercing guns cannot be effectively sterilized– they will melt if put into an autoclave– and
therefore there is no guarantee that your brand new piercing is getting a clean gun. All of our piercings are done with fully sterilized, single-use titanium needles that have been laser-cut to a very sharp point. This makes for a much smoother– no “crack!”– much safer, and much less painful piercing.

The second problem we see at these stores is the quality of jewelry, or rather lack of quality. Stores like Claire’s tend to use cheap, low quality jewelry for their initial piercings. This may include flimsy jewelry, and substandard metals that may cause allergic reactions and/or irritation when pierced into flesh. Any jewelry that we use for an initial piercing is made exclusively from implant grade stainless steel, titanium, or 14k gold, all of which has been thoroughly sterilized before piercing, so that you know you are getting the safest jewelry possible for your body. These stores also use a one-size-fits-all approach to the
selection of jewelry for a fresh piercing, when in fact everybody’s anatomy is different. We closely inspect the proposed piercing anatomy before selecting jewelry so that we can ensure the best fit for each client.
Not only that, but for most initial piercings, we have a large selection of beautiful jewelry from which to choose, in a wide range of prices to fit your budget!

If I bring in my own jewelry, will you pierce me with that?

Unfortunately, if the jewelry did not come from our shop or from another trusted, verified vendor, we cannot guarantee either its quality or its sterilization, and therefore we absolutely will not pierce you with it.

It is unsafe for your piercing, and may compromise the sterility of our piercing space. If you have purchased a piece from Alchemy Art Collective or another verified shop or vendor and you would like to get pierced with it, please take it in and consult with a piercer.

What are your basic piercing costs?

There are two basic charges for a piercing: the piercing fee, and the cost of jewelry. The piercing fee ranges from $20 to $50 per piercing. This means that if you are getting both earlobes, for instance ($20 per piercing), the total piercing fee will be $40.
Cost of jewelry will depend on the specific piercing, the initial jewelry required for that specific piercing, and the style of jewelry you choose. We will only use body-safe, surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, or solid 14k gold for an initial piercing. Depending on the piercing/style of jewelry, initial jewelry tends to start at around $15.

Some of our more ornate pieces are quite a bit pricier, but are absolutely worth the cost to give you the best-looking new piercing possible.

Are there any piercings you won’t do?

We do not perform genital, cheeks, or any tongue piercings besides the standard (e.g. scoops, snake eyes, etc.).

Please see our section on piercing minors for policies regarding “do’s” and “don’t’s” of minor piercings.

Can I get pierced or tattooed if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately we do not offer services to any person who is currently pregnant. It is advisable to refrain from undergoing any and all body art procedures during a pregnancy, even just an ear lobe stretch. It is best to let your body focus on the important, complex and demanding task that it is handling already.

Can I get pierced if I am breast-feeding?

Yes, just not nipple piercings!

What is the recommended aftercare for my piercing?

We have an aftercare page on the websit or you can click on the link below for the Association of Professional Piercers’ recommended aftercare for body (non-mouth) and oral (mouth) piercings.

What Kind of jewelry do you use?

We will only use body-safe, surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, or solid 14k gold for an initial piercing. All jewelry is either internally threaded or threadless. We offer a wide variety of jewelry from Invictus Body Jewelry and can also order custom gold jewelry from Junipurr Jewelry.

How do I order gold or custom jewelry?

In order to order gold or custom jewelry, you will need to set up a consultation with the piercer. During the consultation we can discuss what you'd like and what will work for the piercing you wish to order for.

We require a deposit up front before we place your order. This deposit is non refundable. Jewelry orders can take up to a month (or sometimes longer) to come in, we will call you when we receive it.

We will hold your jewelry for 2 weeks (without a scheduled appointment) and up to the appointment day (with a scheduled appointment for piercing or jewelry change). After that time your deposit will be forfit and we may sell the jewelry on a first come first serve basis.