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My entire life I have been surrounded by artists and art of many different mediums. At three years old I was put into the Denver Waldorf school and stayed through eighth grade. I then went to public school for high school and am now pursuing an AA (associate of arts) in studio art and a BFA (bachelors in fine art).


The Waldorf curriculum is very arts based. From a very young age we are encouraged to paint, draw, sing, act and dance. Instead of learning from textbooks we created our own, we would draw and write everyday. We learned how to sew, woodwork and play various instruments. Today, if something has a sense of creativity involved I am interested and I believe it was because of the diversity in expression I was heavily exposed to. 


I took a tattoo apprenticeship on in August of 2019 under Damian G  at Alchemy Art Collective and finished in January of 2021. Tattooing has been the most difficult medium I have ever learned but it has also been the most rewarding. I love creating art people will be proud to wear, I love meeting new clients and getting to be apart of making that experience amazing for each of you. 

I have been in love with art since I could remember so I wanted to make a career out of it!

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