Brighton has a new tattoo shop!  We offer Custom Tattoos, piercing, and a full art gallery and studio.




He started creating dope art when he was a wee lass.  He specializes in Black and Grey realism but has been known to make color radness happen also.  He's been tattooing for over a decade full time along with kicking ass on the daily. He loves being happy and making rad shit everyday.


She was introduced to drawing by her mother who was an artist also. Influenced at such a young age she was encouraged to explore the arts. Expanding further in high school she got involved in mixed media; discovering tattooing by 15. Soon after she was apprenticing at 18 and moved to Denver Colorado. Ever since 21 she has been professionally tattooing and painting.

Damien Brownmiller

He started his journey into tattooing 9 years ago and hasn't stopped learning in his pursuit to being the best artist he can be. He is not afraid to try new things and he is willing to take on any challenge thrown his way.  All he really wants is to create bad ass tattoos.





Have you ever felt like you were born to do something? That is what happened to her. She grew up in a small town in New Mexico and moved to Colorado over 8 years ago. She worked a retail job for the majority of that time but she always knew she had to get out and pursue her passion. Now, Amanda is a certified body piercer who prides herself in providing a safe, clean, and professional experience, every time.


She wants to continue her journey in body modifications and immerse herself within the creative world.




35 Strong St, Brighton, CO 80601





Monday - Saturday: 12pm-9pm
​Sunday: CLOSED

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