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Alchemy is a home to all forms of creativity. We specialize in professional tattoos, piercings, custom illustrations and paintings, logo work, & have an in house art gallery!

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Book with a specific artist or call the shop to talk about any specifics that you're looking for.

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If you want a new piercing, have questions on current ones or looking to purchase new pieces we have what you're looking for.

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We're bringing together and offer custom art, supporting local arts and putting yearly events together.

LOVE Alchemy Art Collective! Easily the #1 Shop around. Melinda did an amazing job on my tattoo! Gave me options on size and placement. Would highly recommend this shop and Melinda! I will be returning to this shop in the future, and have Melinda do my work. Thanks again!
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Check out our artists

Click on an artist to jump to their portfolio page and to book with them specifically.


Common questions ➡ Answered

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In the state of Colorado you must be 18 yrs old without a legal guardian present. If a minor is wanting to get tattooed, we will go down to the age of 16 with proof of legal guardianship.

How old do I have to be?

Tattoo Artist

Pain is subjective to the person getting the work done, but most commonly it will feel like a pinch or a heavy scratch and becomes more irritating the longer you sit for the work. The best answer I ever heard was "it feels like a cat scratch on top of a sunburn” but it all hurts... there is no pain free tattooing or piercing, even with numbing creams.

How bad does it hurt?

Tattoo & Scar Coverage

Tattoos and piercing have different aftercare recommendations or requirements. check out our FAQ page for full details on each.

What is the aftercare?

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